Usage without setup()

Pinia can be used even if you are not using the composition API (if you are using Vue 2, you still need to install the @vue/composition-api plugin though). While we recommend you to give the Composition API a try and learn it, it might not be the time for you and your team yet, you might be in the process of migrating an application, or any other reason. There are a few functions:

Giving access to the whole store

If you need to access pretty much everything from the store, it might be too much to map every single property of the store... Instead you can get access to the whole store with mapStores():

import { mapStores } from 'pinia'

// given two stores with the following ids
const useUserStore = defineStore({ id: 'user' })
const useCartStore = defineStore({ id: 'cart' })

export default {
  computed: {
    // note we are not passing an array, just one store after the other
    // each store will be accessible as its id + 'Store'
    ...mapStores(useCartStore, useUserStore),

  methods: {
    async buyStuff() {
      // use them anywhere!
      if (this.userStore.isAuthenticated()) {

By default, Pinia will add the "Store" suffix to the id of each store. You can customize this behavior by calling the setMapStoreSuffix():

import { createPinia, setMapStoreSuffix } from 'pinia'

// completely remove the suffix: this.user, this.cart
// this.user_store, this.cart_store (it's okay, I won't judge you)
export const pinia = createPinia()


By default, all map helpers support autocompletion and you don't need to do anything. If you call setMapStoreSuffix() to change the "Store" suffix, you will need to also add it somewhere in a TS file or your global.d.ts file. The most convenient place would be the same place where you call setMapStoreSuffix():

import { createPinia, setMapStoreSuffix } from 'pinia'

setMapStoreSuffix('') // completely remove the suffix
export const pinia = createPinia()

declare module 'pinia' {
  export interface MapStoresCustomization {
    // set it to the same value as above
    suffix: ''


If you are using a TypeScript declaration file (like global.d.ts), make sure to import 'pinia' at the top of it to expose all existing types.